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MAG Wing_303 arm gate system


AG Wing303 lg

MAG Wing 303 is an electro mechanical complete system for automatic arm gate system. it composed with primary of an electronic panel unit that control actuator motor to open or close the gate in swing motion.


Standard feature:

  • Max gate weight per leaf is 250 kg
  • Full DC operation to avoid any potential electric hazard
  • Backup battery standby for power failure
  • Actuator capability for 90° opening within only 8 to 10 second
  • No underground installation
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission



Autogate / DEA imported from Italy


WING 302, the electromechanical ram reliable and powerful over time. The electromechanical automation does not require periodic maintenance or internal adjustments. The installation, easy and fast, does not cause any modification to the gate structure.

Demanding residential or industrial swing gate.  One motor for each gate leaf.


  • Quick and silent
  • Compact and strong
  • Greased soaked motor
  • 230V AC powered
  • Suitable for leaf up to 2m long.
  • Simple unlocking system by key
  • Incorporated condenser

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AG Barrier BR500 lg

MAG barrier gate wins all competition brand in the market by our innovative “No limit switch” design. Most barrier gate failure point is due to limit switch. Limit switch is used to determine opening and closing position of arm and constantly subjects to mechanical wear and tear. The more you use it the faster it will fail. Arm will be seen to tilted drop down or tilted backward in opening position. This looks ugly and give bad impression to your home or building. Barrier gate that uses limit switch requires a lot of maintenance to adjust or change limit switch which will incur more down time and higher maintenance cost.