Cases: Venture Heights Barrier Gate & CCTV

In January 2012, Pertubuhan Penduduk Taman Impian Indah (Venture Heights) contacted Purple Comnet for a solution for their security systems.

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 Venture Heights Guard Post 1

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Venture Heights Guard Post 2

Venture Heights's environment is slightliy different from other residential area. Their compound is split into two different areas by a 4-lanes main road, hence they have 2 different entrance & exit for their compound. 

Problem Faced

1) Lack of surveillance system to monitor the entry and exit for the 2 areas.

2) Difficulty on asking the visitors to sign on the Guestbook using the old human-operated-barrier.

3) Unable to control vehicle entry during peak period & guard shifting period.

4) Difficulty in installing barrier gate for their current entrance due to narrow road width which will cause problems for dump truck and buses to go into their compound.

The Solutions

After a few discussion with the committee from the Residence Council, Purple Comnet's Security Department has proposed the following ideas to the Residences.

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 Proposal for Guard Post 1

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Proposal for Guard Post 2

1) Building Concrete Triangle Island on the further intersection of the road connecting to the main road, with the barrier gate, access card reader on the surface.

i) Huge vehicle will have no problem passing through the barrier gate

ii) After the first vehicle pass through the barrier gate and before the vehicle enter the main road on the intersection, there will be enough space for the barrier gate to close down.

iii) Building everything on Island minimize the risk on damaging any currently available infrastructure.

2) Visitor can be control using the second gate during non peak hour by asking them to pass through the first gate but stop at the second gate. While for non peak hour, they will had to park their vehicle at the outer side of the triangle island and walk towards guard house to register their entry.

3) Every car and person that enters the area will be recorded by motion sensor camera and the records will be kept for more than 10 days.

4) Residents will not have to wait for security personnel to open the barrier for them during peak hour, thus smoothing the traffic.

5) If any emergency situation happened in the gated and guarded area, security personnel have the option to lowered the backup original gate immediately for added protection.

Equipment Involved

Purple Comnet sourced the equipments from a few reputable ELV Suppliers in the market.

i) CCTV Provided by VIEWTECH's MegaVision & MegaView 

ii) Barrier Gate is using MAGNET's BR518 Intelli Barrier

iii) Card Access System by SOYAL Multidoor Access Control System

Additional Addon

1) 2 Armored Weather Proof Cabling from Guard Posts to the Sign Board Area for 2 Spot Lights facing their 2 signboard.

2) 1 Concealed Underground Armored Weather Proof Cabling from Guard Post 2 to the Rest House at the recretional park.


Completion of Barrier Gate & CCTV System

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 Venture Heights Guard Post 1

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Venture Heights Guard Post 2

The project kick started in the end of May and after a month's work, the residence in Venture Heights start to enjoy their new secured barrier gate system on the 1st of June 2012.

Kindly view more photos of the projects from the following photo galleries.

Before Barrier Gate & CCTV Implementation

During The Installation Process

After Implementation of Barrier Gate & CCTV

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