Bluguard V9 Alarm System

A Seamless Control of Home Security and Home Automation System

Compare to tone alarm security system, V Series ia enhanced with state-of-the-art voice feedback to ensure you and your love ones live in total comfort and safety.

Innovative Voice Notification
With V Series, there are no more confusing beeps, buzzes and multiple tones to remember. The innovative voice notification will report on the status of each zone. For instance, when you press a button to disarm the main gate which has been preset as Zone 1, the speaker of the control panel will announce “Zone 1 disarm.” Even while you are away, managing the control and updates of the status of your home is just a phone call away. Simply dial a dedicated number which connects you to your home's control panel and interact with to the voice feedback.

All-in-one for Control, Comfort and Safety
Turn interior and exterior lights on and off. Independently arm or disarm individual security zones when you're at home, all in a single touch. And because the system's status is always reported through a voice notification, you are always aware of your home's level of protection and the arrangement of your home appliances.

The Key Functions are:

9 zones system with Voice Modular
Auto arm/disarm timers permitting the arm/disarm function at the preset time
Monitoring of Telephony line (with GSM) provide the warning upon the telephony line is being tampered.
CMS reporting (Contact ID) provide the connection to control monitoring station at ease.
Control via local keypad or remote mobiles provide the convenience to user anytime and anywhere.
Optional upgrades to 8 Automation points for lighting, air-cond or home appliances permitting an Intelligent home automated system, and thus users can turn on/off the appliances from anywhere.
Optional upgrades to GSM for SMS reporting allow the reporting via GSM line and SMS reporting on power failure, arm/disarm, battery low, system trouble and alarm.

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Purple Comnet Security System Services Overview


Burglar alarms for residential, commercial, and industrial properties for protection against theft or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. See what we have in store for you here!



Our standard products are appropriate for commercial facilities, gated communities, mini storage facilities, high threat level installations and any other location where pedestrian and vehicle access needs to be controlled.


AG Barrier BR500 lg

MAG barrier gate wins all competition brand in the market by our innovative “No limit switch” design. Most barrier gate failure point is due to limit switch. Limit switch is used to determine opening and closing position of arm and constantly subjects to mechanical wear and tear. The more you use it the faster it will fail. Arm will be seen to tilted drop down or tilted backward in opening position. This looks ugly and give bad impression to your home or building. Barrier gate that uses limit switch requires a lot of maintenance to adjust or change limit switch which will incur more down time and higher maintenance cost.